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About Us

Our company, headquartered in Sofia is an experienced project developer and real-estate service company for large-scale commercial properties in Bulgaria. We help our clients to get right information and make the right decision/the right investment in one of the most emerging and challenging markets in South-East-Europe.

KLK-Immo ist operating with a number of professionals, experts and partner-companies within Bulgaria and across whole Europe.


  • Project development for business and logistic parks, retail centres, hotels and residential purposes:
    • Development of concepts for real estate investments
    • Due diligence
    • Communication with authorities/permit managment
    • Development of clearly structured contracts
    • Development of tailor-made financing models including structuring and procurement of internal and external investment capital
  • Buying and Selling
    • Purchases of real estate portfolios and assistance in land aquisitions, negotiations with local owners and authorities
    • Financial, legal and fiscal structuring of the transaction and development of a marketing-strategy




KLK-Immo Ltd. ist active throughout Bulgaria. Some of its projects can be seen on this website:

Business/Logistic Park Slivniza
  view presentation "Industrial & business park"
  view presentation "Logistic park"

Detelina Villas Byala
  view presentation
  view construction details

Byaladiamond residential complex
  view presentation


KLK-Immo Ltd.
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